Nice recognition piece by Steve Moxley and Eat my Ink

Sun 11 Oct 2020
Written by: Jake

Thanks to Tim Hailey for the interest, click here to read the article.

A Small Set Back

Tue 24 Mar 2020
Written by: Kevin

Sitting here at home, due to Covid-19 and being on lockdown, we sadly (but sensibly) made the decision to put the fuel bike on hold. The last bits on the list for Jon at Webster Race Engineering to do, will have to stay that way for a while and the toys will have to be put on hold. This period of uncertainty has put us into responsible adult mode, and monies are best left in the bank for mortgage and bills. Because we have no idea how long this is actually going to go on for, we have brought the bike home, as we are able to continue to do our bit, and work on it here, which we can do shut in the garage, at no risk to anyone else. It was also a good opportunity to see if it would fit logically in the race truck! This it… Read More »

Top Fuel Bike Progress – March 2020

Sun 15 Mar 2020
Written by: Kevin

It’s been a long time since we have made any progress reports on the fuel bike build. With moving house, a trip to Valdosta and Christmas we had to slow down on the build for a while. Once January came around I took a trip over to see Jon at Webster Race Engineering and discussed what was left to be done and he slotted the bike back into his schedule. The exhausts have been fabricated, oil and fuel tanks mounted and wheelie bars fabricated and mounted. Nick at Suzuki Performance Spares has supplied new steering dampers from Hyperpro as well as new Hel master cylinders and EBC brake discs. We are now starting on bodywork, this is going to be designed and fabricated by Webster Race Engineering.

Top Fuel Bike Update – Moving Along Nicely

Fri 14 Jun 2019
Written by: Kevin

I was passing by Webster Race Engineering today so stopped in to say hello. The bike is really starting to take shape, thanks to Jon and Jake for the excellent work.

10,000 Horses Take Some Looking After

Fri 31 May 2019
Written by: Jake

Having headed to the Main Event for an easy weekend we bumped into Tethys on Thursday night who was short of crew and unable to run for the weekend. He offered me the opportunity to come and meet with him and the crew the next morning to learn the routine and see if I felt able to help out for the weekend as Top Fuel were not running until Saturday. I soon realised that the amount of work that goes into running these cars is on a completely different level. The engine is completely stripped down to a bare crankshaft and block at the end of every run and to add to this the rules only allow 90 minutes turn around time. With a lot of guidance from the team I ran through the routine once on Friday and discussed some ways to speed up for the real thing. Including… Read More »

Dé jà vu

Fri 31 May 2019
Written by: Kevin

After a weekend helping my old friend René with his Top Fuel bike at the Main Event at Santa Pod, we discussed trying to find some time to test the Shark attack racing Pro stock bikes. With various options dismissed we decided to enter Competition bike at the Summer Nationals so 13 years after entering Competition Bike for the first time I’m back to try my luck, I think I’ll need some with the quality of bikes and riders in this catch all class, I think I’m being thrown to the lions.

Fuel Bike Build Update – Moving On Fast

Thu 23 May 2019
Written by: Kevin

Workshop visit to Jon at Webster Race Engineering this morning on the way to the Main Event, chassis is looking good. Coming along nicely.

Another Step Forward

Mon 6 May 2019
Written by: Kevin

Another step forward on the progress of Kev’s fuel bike. We found the time and funds to get the engine over to Jon at Webster Race Engineering to get the chassis underway. His knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none which is clear to see in the construction so far.

New Team Members for NJR

Wed 28 Nov 2018
Written by: Jake

Anita Makela and Pia Hagerth modelling NJR hoodies in Malta.  

NOW SOLD: Jake Mechaell’s 7 Second Turbo GSXR 1000

Sun 19 Aug 2018
Written by: Jake

Well, the time has come to let my multiple championship winning 7 second Turbo GSXR 1000 go. Bike spec; Suzuki GSXR 1000 2004 Velocity racing extended swingarm with air tank OZ racing wheels Shinko 190 drag tyre Upgraded brake callipers Braided brake hoses MRE air shift ram Smoked double bubble screen Ktech forks Modified GSXR rear shock Billet yokes Race bodywork Carbon front fender Manual shut off Accusump Aftermarket steering damper Rear mounter radiator Sump oil heater Front mounted battery and ECU Custom rear hugger 530 pitch drag chain Talon rear sprocket Custom rear mounted oil catch tank and header tank Billet rear sets Adjustable brake and clutch levers Brake lever mounted lanyard Fuel system; Set up for E85 but also have a tune for C16. Aeromotive fuel pump Aeromotive fuel regulator Aeromotive fuel filter Billet fuel rail 1100cc injectors Custom swingarm mounted fuel tank Speed flow aero quipped hoses… Read More »