Top Fuel Bike Update – Moving Along Nicely

Fri 14 Jun 2019
Written by: Kevin

I was passing by Webster Race Engineering today so stopped in to say hello. The bike is really starting to take shape, thanks to Jon and Jake for the excellent work.

Fuel Bike Build Update – Moving On Fast

Thu 23 May 2019
Written by: Kevin

Workshop visit to Jon at Webster Race Engineering this morning on the way to the Main Event, chassis is looking good. Coming along nicely.

Another Step Forward

Mon 6 May 2019
Written by: Kevin

Another step forward on the progress of Kev’s fuel bike. We found the time and funds to get the engine over to Jon at Webster Race Engineering to get the chassis underway. His knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none which is clear to see in the construction so far.

Nitrous Junkie Season Review 2017

Mon 27 Nov 2017
Written by: Lizz

How we are able to write a season review when none of us have been racing is amusing. It’s been as much of a busy season as ever. Just like it would have been if there were the three of us racing competitively! How does this happen?? I will try to make this as interesting as I can. We are asked what is happening with various developments – so here goes.  Jake got an unconditional offer to study Computer Networking at Sheffield University, and is going to be concentrating on this, so won’t be racing for a while. No doubt at some stage will be doing some run wots, on Kev’s old Bandit which is being rebuilt and redeveloped at present. He passed his driving test the week before he left, so was able to drive himself up there. Very proud of this chap! Jake and the team also crewed… Read More »

Pulling Things Together

Sat 1 Aug 2015
Written by: Kevin

Today saw more progress as I have collected the new pulley blanks from our friends at Portobello Precision CNC Milling and Turning these will be trial fitted before the gear is cut and they are anodised thanks very much for the excellent work and enthusiasm of Dejan and the team making these one off parts.